How To Be An Activist

This was taken from WikiHow.

1.) Find a cause/causes and get passionate about it/them. You can do any of the following: start a petition, donate money, support a charity, fundraise, be an advocate, etc. Visit Google and search for your cause or type in “Causes” in a Google search to find some causes. The Internet is a great place to find information about charities and causes to sponsor/support.

2.) Spread the word. Get your friends involved. The more the better! Persuade your buddies to help you by making signs, informing your community about your beliefs, or even send a letter to the national capital of your nation about your cause/causes.

3.) Visit some “click to donate” websites such as: Free Rice. For each answer you get right, donates 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Free Flour (donates one spoon of flour for each answer you get right) The Environment Site (raises money that goes to the Surrey Wildlife Trust) Help Thirst (donates one cup of water to World Vision for every time you win) Ecology Fund (save 87 square feet of land for free by clicking on the “save land click here” links Care2 Click To Donate Websites (If your a member of, you can click the links, there are all sorts of causes and links on the Care2 page.)

4.) Go to BBC’s website and find out stuff in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. This includes news, issues, causes, etc. going on in those countries.

5.) Stay informed. Try watching the international news instead of the local or national news. This world is not that small. You may find a cause you are passionate about that is on the international news.

6.) Have small meetings in your community about global issues.

7.) Be an advocate. Speak up about injustices in the world and get your friends involved, too. Organize fundraisers to help raise money for your chosen charity or cause. And if you can’t raise money, just add your voice to those already campaigning to end poverty, war, injustice, sexism, racism, or corruption in the world.

8.) Speak your mind. People respect those who speak the truth. If you can articulate your thoughts and ideas, you can inspire the masses, create momentum, and bring about change.

9.) Volunteer. It’s not just about working in a soup kitchen or visiting the old folks’ home. Today anyone can volunteer to do anything! Contact the local volunteer organizations in your area.

10.) Support animal welfare. Animals should not have to suffer! Donate to the ASPCA!

11.) Donate Blood. Many countries (especially Australia, Britain, Canada, and the United States) frequently experience record lows of blood shortages and desperately need more people to donate. It only takes about half an hour. Visit Red Cross for more info.

12.) Become an Organ Donor. You won’t need your organs when you are dead, so why not give them to someone who can make good use of them? Save the lives of up to eight people by placing yourself on the organ donors’ register in your country. Talk about the decision with your family and let them know your

13.) Donate food items, toys, clothes, coats, etc. for Christmas. Some businesses, churches, etc. will have a sign up outside or inside stating that they are needing food items, clothes, toys, coats, etc. to give to kids at Christmas. There are kids out there that have nothing for Christmas.

14.) Recycle. Anyone can recycle, and these days just about anything can be recycled—from newspapers and plastic, to computers and old mobile (cell) phones. Encourage your school or workplace to recycle and to use recycled products.


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