How Men Can Get Involved In Or Support The Feminist Movement

This was written by: Greta.

1.) Educate yourself. Do some research on feminism and learn more about what feminism is REALLY all about. If you want to research feminism online, Try searching for “Feminism” on a search engine website, such as Google. Research the history of feminism, the 3 waves of feminism, and the many different types of feminism. If you want to do some offline feminism research, go to your local library or bookstore and search for some feminist books such as, “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan. This is one of the most important books in feminist culture, since it started the “second-wave” of feminism.

2.) Believe in equality of both sexes.

3.) Know that feminists do NOT hate men. Feminists want equality and want to be equal to men. Feminists are not “feminazis”. Get your facts straight before you jump to conclusions about what feminism is and what feminism is really about. Know what feminism REALLY is all about. Do not assume you know what is fact and what is fiction. Do your research.

4.) Get to know other feminists. You can find other feminists through the internet and/or in real life. Some social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, are great places to meet other feminists.

5.) Make your support public. Start using one of the terms: “male feminist” or if you support feminism, “pro-feminist” in reference to describing yourself. Write letters to the editor, blog posts, or tweets. Be a feminist because you believe women are people and they should have equal rights.

6.) Don’t think because your a man you can’t support or get involved in feminism. It doesn’t make you look weak. It’s all about standing up for women and their rights as women. Don’t feel ashamed or embarassed to support women. As women, we need more men to support our movement. If you truly understand what feminism is and what it is all about, we need more men like YOU to get involved or support feminism.

7.) Don’t believe that you are the only male feminist out there in the world. There are other males that support or are involved in feminism. There aren’t many men that support or are involved in the movement. We need more men to get involved and help support us.

8.) Support websites such as and and check out websites about male feminists or pro-feminists, such as: and NOMAS is a pro-feminist website.

9.) When it comes to politics, consider feminist issues when voting.

10.) Challenge images of traditional manhood and support other men who are challenging them.

11.) Listen to women’s voices and take their leadership in feminist organizations.

12.) Educate other men. Educate other men on issues like ending violence against women and treating women with respect. Call other men out on sexist comments.

13.) Consume media made by women. Some examples include: books, movies, music, etc.

14.) Remember, it’s her body and her choice. Don’t tell her whether she can have an abortion, put a child up for adoption, or to raise the child. Don’t call women names like, “bitch”, “dyke”, “whore”, etc. Don’t call women fat or too skinny. Support being pro-choice.

15.) Be an advocate for everyone’s rights. People are still suffering from: racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, ageism, etc. Be an advocate for their rights too.


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