My Writings

Here are some of my own writings on feminism and riot grrrl.

Feminist Manifesto By: Greta

Because we strongly believe in intersectionality. We know that feminists come from many different backgrounds. We know we are not superior to men. We do not hate men. We want equality.

Because we should encourage, love, and support each other. In feminism, this is very important.

Because we like men. Men are always welcome in feminism and are encouraged to share their opinions. Feminism isn’t about hating men.

Because we want equality. Women should be treated equal to men. In some countries, they do not realize or care about equality or women. Women and girls
growing up in the Middle East still don’t have many rights.

Because together we can change history.

Because we need to educate each other about our bodies, as women. We get to make our own choice about what we can or cannot do with our bodies. The
government should not decide for us. In some countries, it is illegal to have an abortion, such as in Ireland.

Because women’s issues (such as: rape, incest, abortion, etc.) aren’t treated as important as they should be treated. Women’s rights are important to us.

Because women in developing countries continue to need support in many areas from women in more developed countries. Women’s rights aren’t recognized in
some countries like they should be. Some countries include: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, etc. women are still oppressed.

Because we are still told that what we look like is more important than what we think. There’s more to us than looks, we have brains too. We should be
recognized for our brains and not our looks.

Because we think being yourself is important. Never change who you are for anyone. It doesn’t matter what age, gender, race, religion, sexuality, etc. that you are. Be yourself.

Because we are always learning and understanding each other. Education about feminism is important. This is how it should be.

Because we believe taking action is important. Getting involved in women’s issues and women’s rights are very important.

Because we develop our own opinions. We all have our own opinions on feminism, women’s issues, and women’s rights. We need to express our

Because we do not believe in calling each other names such as: “bitch”, “dyke”, “whore”, etc. We should respect each other and not call each other
genderized names. Feminism is about loving one another, not hating on one another.

My Childfree Story By: Greta

In high school, I never wanted any children of my own. I still feel the same way now at 29 years old. I have felt like this since I was in high school.
I’m not sure why I felt this way in high school or even now. I have friends that have kids and some that don’t have kids. Most of my friends have children.
I have even dated men with children. My friends with kids will ask if I want children. I tell them no and they always ask, “Why not?”. I tell them I don’t
think kids are for me. They will say, “In a few years, you will think differently”. Even in high school, my friends would ask if I wanted children and I
would tell them the same reply and they would say, “That will change when your older”. However, my friends were wrong. Childfree people sometimes feel like
they have nothing in common with people that have children. People that have children will wonder if your weird or if something is wrong with you if you
don’t have children. People with children (or a child) will talk about their kid most of the time. I take birth control pills to make sure I don’t get
pregnant. Two years ago, I had a fiance. He wanted us to have a child. I loved him so much that I decided we would try to have a child. I thought maybe I
secretly wanted a child and that is why I decided we could try to have a baby. For 2 months, I didn’t take birth control. I never got pregnant during the 2
months. Heading into 2 1/2 months, I decided to get back on birth control so I would not have a baby. I decided that deep down, I still did not want
children. He decided to go back to using condoms around this time as well. He had decided not to have a baby as well. Several months later, I broke up with
my fiance. I didn’t break up with him because of not wanting to have a baby, but for other reasons. I am glad I never got pregnant during the time we didn’t
use protection. I don’t think children are for me. I am childfree. Childfree is not having children or being childless, all by choice. Childfree is a
personal decision not to have children. A childfree life is nothing to be ashamed of. By being childfree, we are the minority. I admire parents choice to
have and raise kids. It’s a job so difficult I can’t begin to fathom. There are many reasons why I do not want children. I am going to share my reasons
below and these might be some of the same reasons that others remain to be childfree.

Here are my reasons for being childfree:

1.) I don’t want to go through pregnancy or labour. I will never have to suffer the agony of childbirth.

2.) I don’t want to go through morning sickness or have post-partum depression.

3.) I will never have to endure the loss of a child such as miscarriages or death.

4.) I know children are expensive to raise. I have some spending money for myself and I can spend it on whatever I want.

5.) Children are a 24/7 and 365 day job.

6.) I have freedom. I am free to: be myself, do hobbies, go anywhere I want, etc.

7.) I will never have to make someone pay child support or pay child support myself.

8.) I enjoy personal privacy.

9.) I enjoy alone time when I need it.

10.) I enjoy getting a full night’s sleep.

11.) I am happier than people with children.

12.) I can be myself without having to worry about being a good example.

13.) I can curse, swear, debate, and vent freely in my home without worrying about censoring myself.

14.) I can have fun being around a kid without having one myself. If I had siblings, I could be an aunt/uncle to my siblings. I can also be an aunt/uncle
type to my friends kids.

15.) I can have kid-time if I want it by taking my friends children for an afternoon. If I had siblings, I could take my siblings children for an
afternoon. When I’ve had enough, I can give them back and go back to my life.

16.) My bills are cheaper without having children.

17.) My life is of fewer worries than that of people with children.

18.) I am able to take my vacation days from work without having to use/burn sick days taking care of kids.

19.) Some children are ill-mannered, spoiled/bratty hard to control, rowdy, etc. (but some children do act intelligent). This is because how they are

20.) I do not have to endure crying, screaming, fighting, temper tantrums, and other child behavior.

21.) I never have to yell, scold, correct, or punish anyone.

22.) The world we live in is filled with: pollution, child molesters, terrorism, etc. I do not want to raise children in this type of environment.

23.) Children have to be watched all the time. You can’t let them out of your sight. If you let them out of your sight for a minute, they can get into
stuff they shouldn’t get into, get kidnapped, walk in the road and get hit by a car, etc.

24.) Children can change your relationship with your partner/spouse.

25.) I will come first in my partner or spouse’s life and they will get all the love and attention he(she) deserves.

26.) I will never have to feel torn between my career and my family.

27.) My home is quiet. I don’t have to worry about a noisy home.

28.) I will never suffer from burnout from trying to obtain the have-it-all lifestyle.

29.) My life is flexible. I can change my mind and my plans at a moment’s notice.

30.) I will have a manageable and comfortable pace. I will not be hurried or stressed out trying to do it all.

31.) I can plan on doing spontaneous things without planning or making babysitter arrangements.

32.) I don’t have to pay thousands of dollars a year on child care, or burden my family members by using them as babysitters. I will never have to hire a

33.) I have medical insurance with my employer and my premiums are much lower than they would if I had kids.

34.) I do less laundry and will spend far less time and effort on housework than families with children.

35.) I have the time, money, and energy to pursue whatever hobbies and interests I like.

36.) I have the freedom to come and go at will and I remain independent, self-determined, and autonomous.

37.) I have plenty of down time like naps, reading, meditating, lounging, listening to music, etc.

38.) If I had pets, they would get all the love and attention they deserve. My pets would roam freely in my house with no fear of being sat on, squeezed,
poked, or having their ears, hair, or tails pulled.

39.) I am able to stay informed and engaged in current events.

40.) I can watch whatever I want on television at any time without censoring and I can watch shows and/or movies without constant interruptions. I will
never have to sit through sappy and annoying kiddie movies or tv shows.

41.) On long drives, I can listen to whatever music, radio programs, or books on tape I enjoy-instead of grating kiddie music. I will never have to
endure the sound of crappy teen pop music blaring through the house.

42.) I can eat my meals in peace without having to constantly jump up and down to serve people.

43.) I can own any vehicle I wish, so I don’t have to limit them to SUV’s, mini-vans, and other kid-friendly vehicles.

44.) I can live in whatever type of home I like without it having to be child-proof.

45.) Holidays like Christmas can be affordable, manageable, and relaxed if I wish. New Years Eve will continue to be a rockin’ late night blow-out affair
for me if I wish.

46.) I will never have to be embarrassed by a child who is a bad representation of myself. Every choice I make will have an effect on the kid for the rest
of their life.

47.) I will never have to worry about whether I am a bad parent or the long-term psychological damage I are inflicting on a child.

48.) I will never have to fight with a child over homework or have to sit and do homework with a child.

49.) My mornings are quiet and relaxed, instead of a chaotic, beat-the-clock marathon having multiple people to corral, bathe, feed, dress, and get out
the door on time.

50.) My house is free of toys laying around everywhere. I will never have to endure endless hours of noisy, electronic toys shrieking through my house.

51.) I have time for meaningful, engaged, quality adult relationships.

52.) If I get married, I will not have to adhere to traditional gender roles.

53.) My friends will appreciate my broad interests, my attentive listening, and conversational skills, and the fact that I won’t bore them to death
talking endlessly about babies and childrearing.

54.) When I am off from work on the weekends, I can spend it doing things I enjoy instead of attending kids events.

55.) As parents, you both have to agree on decisions regarding the child.

56.) I don’t have to child-proof my house and can decorate my home with as many beautiful and/or breakable things as I wish.

57.) I can live in any town/city I like without concerning myself with quality of school districts, child-friendliness, etc.

58.) I will be able to travel more frequently and my travels won’t be limited to summer, or school break times, or to kid-friendly destinations. Packing
for vacations and day trips will remain a breeze.

59.) I can more easily escape a bad marriage if I should need to or if I do get married, than if I had kids, without having to maintain ties with my ex.

60.) My vacations will actually be relaxing and I will come home rested and refreshed, instead of wiped out and in need of a second vacation.

61.) Going out for an errand will entail hopping into my car, buckling my seatbelt, and leaving instead of a full half hour production to get the kids
dressed, fed, ready, and situated in the car.

62.) I will never have to go on a play date.

63.) I have the energy and interest to maintain an active, attentive, and enjoyable sex life.

64.) The physical intimacy I share with my partner/spouse will remain romantic and will never have to be planned, scheduled, or forced.

65.) My spouse/partner and I can be intimate freely in my home without having to lock doors, muffle sounds, or otherwise try to hide what I am doing.

66.) I can have date night every night if I want it to be date night.

Reasons Why I Am A Feminist By: Greta

* Feminism is about making the world a better place. We need to encourage, love, and support one another. Feminism is about change, diversity, and
equality. Some countries do not realize or care about equality. If your a woman, you should care. I like being a woman.

* Feminism is about men and women. There aren’t enough male feminists or pro-feminists out there. We need more support from men. Feminism isn’t just for
women. Feminism doesn’t think of women as superior to men. Feminism is about being equal to men. We need feminism because of the women who fought for the
opportunities we now enjoy and because we must continue striving for equality. We like men and women. I like men and women.

* Feminism is about women’s issues and women’s rights. We need to educate women about what our rights are as women and that women in developing
countries still need our support. Women’s issues continue to not be treated as important as they should be. Women in some developing countries still don’t
have rights. We believe in taking action. I support women’s issues and women’s rights.

* Feminism is about learning. Women’s studies should be in all colleges and universities. Feminism is learned in women’s studies classes. We need to
educate each other about feminism and about our bodies. We believe in an atmosphere that is about learning and understanding feminism and about learning
and understanding one another. I support learning.

* Feminism is about being yourself. Don’t ever change for anyone. We think it is important to develop your own opinions. Develop your own opinions about
feminism. Be an individual. We are sick of the stereotypes of women. We are told what we look like is more important than what we think. We disagree with
this statement. I am who I am.

* Feminism is about empowerment. Feminism is encouraging. Feminism is about actions and choices. Feminism is about educating others. Feminism is important.
Feminism is still needed. We need feminism. We need to teach young girls how to take charge of their own lives. I am empowered. I need feminism.

Riot Grrrl: In My Own Words By: Greta

Riot Grrrl is a type of feminism but it was created as an underground punk feminist movement, meaning it mainly exists in the punk scene. Punk rock is not
just for boys or your boyfriend anymore. In fact, Riot grrrl incorporates feminist ideals and uses these same ideals in the punk scene. Women are being
accepted more and more in the music scene now. This is great news for the underground music scene. Riot grrrl is a part of third-wave feminism. Riot grrrl
embraces EVERYONE no matter what: age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or if you have kids or not. I have noticed that some
riot grrrls man-hate and don’t embrace everyone like they really should. A true riot grrrl doesn’t man-hate. Riot grrrls don’t discriminate and accept
diversity. I think all women of all ages can learn something from each other, no matter how young or old they may be. I do believe that zines are a great
resource for riot grrrls and feminists. I think zines need to reach girls and women who may not know what riot grrrl or feminism is. By reaching these
girls and women, they may find themselves liking what riot grrrl and/or feminism is all about. I don’t know of any riot grrrls or feminists in my town,
which makes it hard for me to meet up with like-minded people and discuss these things with others. My town is a very conservative town, not to mention
Tennessee is a very conservative state in the United States. That is why I make feminist/riot grrrl websites, to reach other like-minded people out there
in the world. I want to bring more people into feminism and riot grrrl that is why I make feminist/riot grrrl websites. I believe that this is the only way
to make a difference and to reach others by spreading the word. I consider myself a riot grrrl for the fact that the definition speaks to me and gives me
a voice. I searched for riot grrrl websites online in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I found a lot of websites online back then. Now, it’s hard to find
any riot grrrl websites that are still online. I didn’t know much about riot grrrl back then, but by looking at riot grrrl websites I learned so much from
them. That is why I decided to make my own riot grrrl website, “Riot Grrrl Online”. Another reason for making the Riot Grrrl Online website was due to lack
of riot grrrl websites that were still online. I believe in the promotion of sisterhood, girl love, and support that the riot grrrl community gives to
others and to myself. Riot grrrl is usually discovered in teenage years, but I haven’t grown out of it since my teenage years. I don’t like defining what a
riot grrrl is because everyone is going to have their own definition of what riot grrrl means to them. I would never give out a set definition of what a
riot grrrl is because that would automatically exclude another grrrl. Just because I listen to indie, alternative, punk/ska, metal, electro/techno music
does not mean I am not a true riot grrrl. I can listen to Pantera and still be a riot grrrl. Riot grrrl is not my entire life, but it is a big part of my
life. I find more acceptance and love from riot grrrls. Riot grrrls are open-minded and accepting of others. I know they won’t discriminate or judge me,
unlike most of my family and friends. I am free to be myself, without judgment. I am open-minded and accepting of others, just like riot grrrl is. I always
love hearing other riot grrrls (and riot boys) stories of how they got into the movement and what riot grrrl means to them. I like chatting to riot grrrls
in other countries because I learn so much from them and about the country they live in. No matter if you’re white, black, hispanic, asian, female, male,
young, old, married, single, childfree, have kids, religous, non-religious, fat, skinny, poor, wealthy, disabled, straight, gay, bisexual,
transgendered…we need to embrace each other’s differences. I have never dressed in riot grrrl fashion or fit into the whole riot grrrl image. I don’t
even like the color pink, unlike most women and girls. Riot grrrl isn’t about fashion or image and never should be. Riot grrrl is about
DIY (Do It Yourself). DIY is about creating and making things yourself and being different, which is a big part of riot grrrl. Riot grrrl is about making
zines, crafts, stickers, shirts, websites, blogs, and being active online. A true riot grrrl understands what a riot grrrl really is and doesn’t buy into
the hype, fashion, image, or think they are an expert on riot grrrl. Riot grrrl is about not fitting into a mold. True riot grrrls believe in the
philosophy of the riot grrrl movement. Riot grrrls listen, learn, talk, and help each other. Riot grrrls want to be heard and they speak out against
various issues in today’s society. Riot grrrl to me means: grrrl love, respect, feminism, and equality. Those are the main aspects of what a riot grrrl is
to me. You can be male or female to believe in the movement. Males can be riot grrrls, but sometimes call themselves ‘riot boys’ or ‘riot guys’, even
though gender doesn’t matter. Riot grrrl means equality. No man is better than any woman and vice versa. Riot grrrl is about choice and it should embrace
everyone, because individuality is one of the most special things that one can have. Everyone is an individual. Everybody needs to use their individuality
as long as we don’t forget that we are all different and not to overlook that because that is what makes each of use beautiful. We are all individuals and
each of us are unique in our own ways. Once we realize that, we can have change. Riot grrrl is being a non-conformist and not meeting society’s standards.
Riot grrrl is all about rebelling against society. Riot grrrl is about loving yourself and being yourself. Riot grrrl is any woman who believes they should
be treated equally in all ways. Riot grrrls believe they shouldn’t be treated as “sex objects” but as human beings. Riot grrrls want to have the same
rights as men, but not be treated like they can’t do anything. Women aren’t here to look pretty, which most stereotypes portray them to be and is
encouraged in magazines and on the television, but we are not! We are sick of guys running things in the world because the world is male-dominated. It
would be nice if it was equally dominated. Men have their stereotypes of women and their stereotypes are wrong. We don’t like it when men call us names
like, “bitch”, “dyke”, “whore”, etc. The point is we are all women and we NEED equality. We are sick of men telling us how to act, how to be, who to be,
etc. Most men stereotype women too much. We should be appreciated for what’s in our minds and hearts, and not what’s in between our legs. Riot grrrl is a
bunch of women getting together to help and encourage each other and getting rid of stereotypes of what girls are supposed to be: quiet, soft, sweet,
innocent, helpless, etc. Just because the suffragettes got us equal rights doesn’t mean full equality was gained. It was a breakthrough that women should
take as their lead to join in. We are activists and we want to change the world. We want to be globally aware of issues affecting the world. As riot
grrrls, We believe that women in ALL countries should have rights. Human rights and equal rights are important to us as riot grrrls. We will speak out
against women’s issues. We want a revolution and we want it now! Society has put a gag in our mouths, rip it out and riot!!! Riot! Be proud to call
yourself a riot grrrl!

The Riot Grrrl Revival By: Greta

I think the riot grrrl movement is far from over, despite what some people might think. I know there are people that say the movement isn’t around
anymore, but I think it is coming back. There are ex-riot grrrls around that used to be into the movement, but they no longer consider themselves
a riot grrrl anymore or they think the movement died. There are people that still believe in riot grrrl today. The riot grrrl movement is being reexamined
by academics as well as stars of the movement such as Kathleen Hanna. It seems that riot grrrl might be coming back, after 20 years after its heyday. Riot
grrrl still inspires people today. Kathleen Hanna is donating her riot grrrl materials from her riot grrrl days in the 1990’s to The Fales Library’s
Special Collections at NYU’s Bobst Library for the Special Collections riot grrrl archive, along with members of other bands such as Bratmobile. Kathleen
Hanna hopes that the archive will spawn some great books of its own. Also, there have been some recent riot grrrl articles written on, etc., just
to name a few websites. It seems that riot grrrl is coming back or it is being looked at more and more since 2010. I think this is great news. I am
actually excited to hear this news. I am glad that the riot grrrl spirit is living on. I just hope all the riot grrrls and riot boys out there understand
the true concept of the riot grrrl movement; as in why we have it, what it really means, and what it isn’t. True riot grrrls and riot boys don’t get into
the riot grrrl movement because of hearing it in the media and think it’s the lastest trend. In fact, they get into the riot grrrl movement because of what
its true roots are: feminism and equality. No woman is better than no man and vice versa. I think getting feminists and riot grrrls, of all ages and from
all over the world, together to talk about ideologies and organizing is important. Riot grrrl seems to be accepted as a legitimate feminist movement now.
In order for there to be a riot grrrl revival, we need more riot grrrls and boys out there to do one of the following and spread the word: make zines,
start a riot grrrl chapter, start a band, create a ladyfest, create a blog or website, etc. I am sure one of those would appeal to every riot grrrl and
boy out there. Instead of writing how much of a riot grrrl/boy you are, you need to show it by doing one of the above mentioned things. Yes, you can post
on a riot grrrl blog or website about your love of the movement, but when are YOU going to make a move to show your love and support of the riot grrrl
movement? The riot grrrl revival starts with YOU! YOU are the only one that can make the riot grrrl movement become revived. If more and more
riot grrrls/boys make a move by doing one or more of the above mentioned things, there will be a riot grrrl revival.

Why Did I Choose Riot Grrrl? By: Greta

Because I want equality.
Because I want freedom to be myself and not be judged.
Because I want to smash patriarchy.
Because I want a revolution.
Because I want racism and sexism to stop.
Because I want homophobia to end.
Because I want everyone to be globally aware of women’s issues all over the world.
Because I believe in feminism and women’s rights.
Because I believe girls can change the world.
Because I believe women are people too.
Because I believe women’s issues should be addressed.
Because I believe in activism and getting involved.
Because I believe women in other countries should have rights.
Because I believe I have the power to be seen and heard.
Because I believe in the riot grrrl manifesto and philosophy of riot grrrl.
Because I believe in human rights.
Because I believe everyone should have equal rights.
Because I believe that we can change the world.
Because I believe it is the woman’s decision what she can or cannot do to her body.
Because I believe in peace, love, and respect.

Why I Am Pro-Choice By: Greta

There are many different reasons why I am pro-choice. Here goes my story of why I am pro-choice. In 2010, I found out my mother had an abortion. I remember
a couple of years before she told me about it, I had asked my mother if she had been pregnant before or ever had a miscarriage. My mother said no to the
miscarriage question. However, my mother acted strange and changed the subject quickly. I thought maybe she did have a miscarriage but didn’t want to tell
me. I guess she didn’t know how I would react to her saying she had an abortion. My mother told me that my grandmother knew about the abortion. I was
shocked because my grandmother was a Southern Baptist, very religious, and a Christian woman. My grandmother seemed like someone that would be pro-life in her
beliefs. My grandmother has been dead since 2010. My mother told me a few months after my grandmother died. I figured my grandmother would have never believed
in abortion and be pro-life, but she supported my mom. My mother told me in 2010 because once again, I asked my mother if she had ever been pregnant before she
had me. This time my mother said yes. My mother told me she had an abortion 2 years before I was born. I asked if she had any miscarriages and she said no. My
mother told me she didn’t know how I would react to her having an abortion because some people are against it. My mother also told me she didn’t know how I
would feel about her having an abortion and what I would think of her. I told her I was pro-choice and supported her decision. I was pro-choice before my mother
told me she had an abortion and I still am pro-choice. My mother told me she had the abortion because she was separated from my father at the time and she had
her own reasons for doing it.

I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion. Don’t confuse the two. Pro-abortion means you think that most people should choose to abort a child, instead of having
the child. Pro-choice means supporting the simple CHOICE for you to have or not to have the child. If your pro-life and you have the baby, pro-choicers
are on your side because you chose to have it. If you chose to have an abortion, pro-choicers are on your side because you chose not to have it. You made
a choice. Pro-choice means YOUR choice, your choice as an individual. I created and ran the main Pro-Choice group on MySpace for several years, until I
decided not to use MySpace anymore. The group wound up with some pro-lifers joining, just to troll the group. I learned some stuff about the pro-lifers.
Pro-lifers tend to force their beliefs and opinions on you. Pro-lifers show you aborted fetus pictures, which is just plain disgusting, sick, and somewhat
psychotic. Pro-lifers accuse you of supporting murder or will accuse you of not believing in God. Pro-lifers try to argue with you and call you names. I
am disgusted with their actions. Pro-lifers seem to be quite immature and think they can change your opinion on abortion. Pro-choicers DO NOT force their
beliefs or opinions on you. Pro-choicers are supportive, no matter what you choose to do with your body.

I am pro-choice because I believe that every woman should decide what to do with her own body without restrictions placed on her by a strongly religious
government. Abortion seems to be a big debate for politicians. Most Democrats seem to be pro-choice, while most Republicans tend to be pro-life. The
government is wanting to decide for YOU, whether you get to have an abortion or not. The government should not be involved in your choice of having an
abortion. The government shouldn’t be allowed to tell a woman whether she can have an abortion or not. The government shouldn’t be allowed to make the
decision for us women. In some countries, it is illegal to have an abortion, such as in Ireland. In the United States, some of the states are wanting to
make abortion illegal.

I am pro-choice because I choose to be childfree. Childfree is a choice, just like pro-choice means choice. Childfree is your choice too. I use
precautions, such as birth control pills to help control my choice of not getting pregnant. If you do not want to have a child, practice safe sex or
abstinence. Safe sex includes using condoms or birth control pills. In high school, I never wanted any children of my own. I still feel the same way now
at 29 years old. I do not hate children. I just don’t think children are for me.


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