Activism is any intentional action to bring political, economic, enviornmental, or social change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of an argument. The word “activism” is often associated with “protest” or “dissent”. Activism can take a wide range of forms, from writing letters to newspapers, protesting, boycotting, blogging, strikes, sit-ins, street marches, and a number of other tactics. Activism means getting involved in causes or issues that affect you as a person. Activism can be considered DIY or do it yourself. There are many ways to get involved in activism and/or be an activist. Listed below are 35 ways you can get involved in activism.

35 Ways You Can Get Involved In Activism By: Greta

1.) Make a zine…online or in real life.
2.) Make a zine distro…online or in real life.
3.) Submit articles, submissions, classifieds, etc. for a zine.
4.) Create a Ladyfest in your area.
5.) Support and join ladyfests
6.) Help organize a ladyfest.
7.) Make a blog, start up a journal, message board, or website.
8.) Participate in websites, message boards, blogs, etc.
9.) Protest about something you are for or against.
10.) Sign or start petitions…online or in real life.
11.) Vote in elections.
12.) Start a journal…in real life.
13.) Make an online group, such as on yahoo, msn, myspace, etc.
14.) Write a book.
15.) Make your own recipes. Don’t go traditional, try to make your own food and desserts.
16.) Start your own non-profit organization.
17.) Start a band, write songs, and/or play an instrument.
18.) Visit websites of important causes/issues and visit click-to-donate websites.
19.) Make art and be an artist.
20.) Make pins, patches, shirts, clothing, jewelry, stickers, and/or buttons.
21.) Donate blood to the Red Cross and donate an organ to somebody that needs it. You can also donate organs when you die, to be used for research. This involves signing a paper and leaving the request in a will.
22.) Visit a hospital and/or a nursing home. You could be making someone’s day.
23.) Donate money to charity or to a non-profit organization.
24.) Write the government or elected officials a letter.
25.) Start your own record label.
26.) Make and hand out flyers.
27.) Start your own riot grrrl chapter or join a riot grrrl chapter. Hold riot grrrl conventions.
28.) Make posters.
29.) Start a support group, such as for survivors of cancer, abuse, etc.
30.) Share your stories with others. Others stories can inspire us and can remind us that we are not alone in what we are going through.
31.) Write about causes or issues that are important to you. This is also called ranting, if you share your opinions about the cause or issue. You can also write essays on a cause or issue.
32.) Find your passion. There are lots of causes and issues out there that could inspire you and be your passion. I can’t make a list because it would be never ending. You can find some causes and issues on, under “Society”. It is a web directory. You can even do a search for “causes”, “issues”, “get involved”, “list of causes”, and “list of issues”.
33.) Volunteer at a shelter.
34.) Create and/or Organize a fundraiser.
35.) Advocate for a general cause or issue.

How To Be An Activist Through The Internet By: Greta

1.) Find a cause or issue that interests you and that you feel strongly about. Think about causes or issues that you support and do not support. Think about why you support it or why you do not support it. If needed, make a list of causes and issues that are important to you. Read your list and see which ones are the most important to you. Once you figure out the ones that are the most important to you, narrow it down to one specific cause or issue that stands out to you.

2.) Visit click-to-donate websites.
Save The World – One Click At A Time!

On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause — each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!

The Hunger Site
The Breast Cancer Site
The Child Health Site
The Literacy Site
The Animal Rescue Site
The Rain Forest Site

Also, Check out It is a website that helps you learn as you play. You have to know what words mean and you can play for as long as you wish. For each answer you get right, donates 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Other click-to-donate websites can be found through Google.

3.) Start a website or blog for a cause or issue that is important to you. This will help you advance your cause or issue. Let others know how important the cause/issue is by starting the website. (An example could be a website or blog about saying no to Prop 8 or whatever your cause or issue is.) Try to answer the questions: who, what, where, when, and why about the cause or issue. This will help others learn about the cause or issue and the history of the cause or issue, for example: how it started, why it started, where did it start, who started it, and what started it. The website or blog should tell more about the cause or issue and let others know why it is an important cause or issue. Be sure to include your opinions on the cause or issue and why you support or unsupport it.

4.) Sign an online petition for a cause/issue that is important to you.

5.) You can also register for free on activism websites such as: Care2 and TakingItGlobal. Both websites have lots of causes and issues relating to activism.

How To Become An Activist

No matter how young you are, or how limited your means, if you really believe in something, you have the power to change it. That’s what activism is all about: creating change.

1.) Find Your Passion! Your passion is the only thing that will carry you through the rough patches. Try to think of five things you would like to improve or change. Start with things about yourself. Then about your school. Your community? Your country? The world? After you have a master list, try to figure out the ones that are most important to you, whether it’s animal rights, the school dress code etc. Now get a couple of close friends, family, etc. to start it out.

2.) Get Organized! One of the first things that the core committee does every year is schedule a meeting time and place. SCHEDULE A MEETING! Places to hold a meeting:

  • School/Classroom
  • Public Library
  • Someone’s House
  • The Park
  • Municipal/Community Building
  • Teen Center
  • Coffee Shop/Cafe

3.) Spread the word. Publicity methods include:

  • Fliers: Create a flier that lists the name of your organization, time/date you meet, where and what exactly your organization does. Hang the fliers around school, the neighborhood (but first check to see if there are city codes about where public info is allowed, you don’t want to risk a fine), community bulletin boards, inside coffee shops or cafes, etc.
  • Table-sit: See if you can rent a table, either in school or somewhere local, like outside of the supermarket or in the park. Have a sign-up list, info about your organization and colorful posters to attract people (free stuff isn’t a bad idea either).
  • Use the Web: There are a ton of great websites dedicated to getting people to volunteer.
  • Introduce Yourself: The absolute best way to get people interested in your cause is through face-to-face contact. A person is more likely to respond if they feel like they’re wanted and needed in a group. The person can ask questions and get more information. So don’t hesitate to walk up to the girl reading a magazine in the coffee shop–she might be looking for the group you’re starting.

4.) Get Ready for Action Make sure that every committee does their job well, because in activism, everyone needs to work together. Start dividing groups into committees, a basic breakdown of committees are:

  • Public Relations: This committee does all of the fliering, especially right before the event. They also handle the ads that appear in campus papers and make sure we get the word out about our event. They book tables for table sitting and help create banners and posters to hang throughout the campus, school, stores etc.
  • Outreach: This committee is in charge of reaching out to other organizations and talking about the event. Asking them to come to the march and support us.
  • Rally: This committee finds the performers, makes sure they’re there on time, gets bios to read before they go on, and organizes a schedule.
  • March: In order to march, you need a city permit saying that you have their permission. This committee gets the paperwork for the city, organizes the police force, gets chant sheets prepared, and keeps the crowd in line and moving.

5.) Speakout: Here women and men can speak out about their own personal experiences. This committee must make sure the stage is set-up with a microphone, get candles, supply paper and pen for those who can’t speak and work with the police to make sure the area is safe.

  • In order to support your cause more, you could even get t-shirts made.
  • Always remember its about quality, not quantity.
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