Myths About Feminism

Here are some common myths about feminism.

Feminism Myths

Feminists are all man-haters.
Some feminists may hate men but feminism does not hate men. A true feminist doesn’t hate men.

Feminists think women are better than men.
Feminists want equal rights, meaning they want to be equal to men. Feminists are no less or no better than any man.

Feminism is for women only.
Feminism embraces men and women. There are men in the feminist movement. We need more men involved in feminism.

Feminism only cares about women.
Feminism cares about ALL people ALL over the world.

There’s no sexism so feminists aren’t needed anymore.
There is still sexism all over the world. Everyday, at least one woman faces sexism. Feminists fight sexism.

Feminists are angry people.
Some feminists are angry, but not all feminists are angry. Feminists want all women to have rights and equal rights to men.

Feminists are all lesbians.
Some feminists are lesbians, but not all feminists are. Feminists come from different sexual orientations.

Feminists don’t shave.
Some feminists don’t shave, while others do shave. That’s the feminist’s personal choice.

Feminists can’t make or take a joke.
Feminists can make and take jokes, but not any sexual or racist jokes.

Feminists are useless.
Feminists are important because women’s issues are still important.

Feminism is aggressive towards men.
Feminism isn’t aggressive towards men. Feminism welcomes both men and women into the movement.

Feminism is for white women only.
Feminism is for people of all races. Feminism isn’t racist. Feminists fight racism.

Feminists don’t believe in equality.
Feminists do believe in equality. Equality is the most important thing in feminism.

Feminists are ugly and unattractive.
Feminists are not ugly and unattractive. Feminists come in every shape and form.

Women have more rights now, so we don’t need feminism.
Women still don’t have all their rights. In some countries, women still have no rights and are still oppressed.

Some people say they aren’t feminists, but they are.
If you believe in feminism, you are a feminist. Why deny it? The word “feminist” isn’t a bad word.

Some people don’t realize they’re feminists, but they are.
If you support women’s rights and want equality, you are considered a feminist. Realize that.

Men don’t belong in feminism.
Feminism welcomes and embraces men. If men want to be a part of the feminist movement, they are welcome to be part of it.


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