Why Is Feminism Important Today

Why Is Feminism Important Today?

1.) Females (half the population) still do not have equal access to society’s resources.
2.) Women need an identity that is not dependent (or compared to) the identity of men.
3.) Women need their own sphere so that they have the freedom to develop a sense of self-worth and utilize strengths/abilities which are undervalued or looked down upon by patriarchal society.
4.) Women need to educate each other about their bodies, away from the patriarchal assumptions of modern medicine.
5.) Women need to keep a check on modern ideologies and theorizing by doing critiques and holding patriarchal society accountable for its political, economic, and moral decisions.
6.) Women in developing countries continue to need support in many areas from women in more developed countries.
7.) Generally speaking, men still don’t really understand women…
8.) Women all over the world still aren’t treated equally to men. Some countries do not realize or care about this. If your a woman, you should care.
9.) Women’s studies should be in all colleges and universities, so women can learn more about feminism. (past and present) Women’s studies take a look at feminism, women’s issues, and other stuff affecting women.
10.) Women’s issues such as rape, incest, abortion, etc. (and more!) aren’t treated as important as they should be treated. There are certain issues pertaining to women only, such as those listed above.

I want you to answer the question, “Why Is Feminism Important Today?” with your own answers. I would like you to add your answers to this list by commenting on this. The first person to comment will start at number 11. When someone else comments after you do, they should start at whatever number the previous person wrote to. (For example, Let’s say that you are the 5th to comment and the person above you ended at number 49, You will start at number 50.)


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