How You Can Get Involved In Feminism

This was written by: Greta.

1.) Educate yourself. Do some research on feminism and learn more about what feminism is REALLY all about. Read books such as Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique”. This is one of the most important books in feminist culture, since it started the “second-wave” of feminism. Research people such as: Betty Friedan, Kathleen Hanna, Gloria Steinem, etc. Use an internet search engine, such as Google, to look up feminist history, the 3 waves of feminism, and the many different types of feminism on the internet. Type in “Feminism” in an internet search engine, such as Google. Research countries such as: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, etc. where women are still oppressed and don’t have rights. Also, Read Magazines, like ‘Ms.’ and ‘Bust’ for more information on feminism. Visit feminist websites such as and

2.) Believe in equality of both sexes. Let others know you want equality. Support equal rights.

3.) Understand that feminists do NOT hate men. Feminists want equality and want to be equal to men. Feminists are not “feminazis”. Get your facts straight before you jump to conclusions about what feminism is and what feminism is really about. Know what feminism REALLY is all about. Do not assume you know what is fact and what is fiction. Do your research.

4.) Develop your own opinions and be yourself. This includes developing your own opinions about feminism. Having an independent and a strong personality is important. Never, ever change yourself, especially not for a man. You don’t need a man to feel complete in your life. Women need to be valued for their brains and not their bodies. Be an example to other women. Don’t call other women names like, “bitch”, “cunt”, “dyke”, “whore”, etc. Don’t call women fat or too skinny. Love all women. This means do not gossip about other women. Do not hate on other women.

5.) Get to know other feminists. You can find other feminists through the internet and/or in real life. Some social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, are great places to meet other feminists.

6.) Try DIY, such as: making crafts, shirts, stickers, zines, etc. that support feminism.

7.) Consume media made by women. Some examples include: books, movies, music, etc.

8.) Stay informed. Try watching the international news about women’s rights instead of the local or national news. This world is not that small. Go to BBC’s website and find out stuff on women’s rights in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

9.) Speak Out about important issues in the world. Get your friends involved, too. Be an advocate for everyone’s rights. People are still suffering from: racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, ageism, etc. Be an advocate for their rights too. Add your voice to those already campaigning to end issues such as: poverty, war, injustice, sexism, racism, rape, or corruption in the world. Another idea is to have small meetings in your community about global issues.

10.) Remember, it’s YOUR body and YOUR choice. Don’t let the goverment or others tell you whether can have an abortion, put a child up for adoption, or raise a child. Support being pro-choice.

11.) Take action. Participate in organizations. Spread the word. You can join online communities, make your own website, make a blog post, tweet, and share your opinions with other feminists. You can even start a band and write your own songs about feminist topics, such as: family abuse, rape, abortion, eating disorders, etc.

12.) Love yourself. Be yourself. Be an individual. Love your flaws. Love your body. This is what makes each of us unique. Don’t think negatively about your body like, “I wish I had those legs” or “I wish my boobs were bigger”.

  1. I am a Feminist, a Radical Feminist and I can tell I DO hate men, its woolly feminists that are allowing the subtle abuse of women to continue cos they are too afraid to really challenge men on there continued behavior towards women. I believe its cos Liberal Feminists are scared deep down that if they shout a bit too much, they wont find a man to marry them and give them babies, so they just shout loud enough, but not so much as to really offend anyone.

    The continued degrading of women is more subtle now, men have learnt ways to hide it, but it happens all the time, when men tell women they don’t know their own minds or offer to ‘solve problems’ for them without invitation, its because sexism is so deeply ingrained in them that they don’t even know any other way of communicating with women.

    Our society need a massive upheaval because men don’t even realise they are sexist. Men have been raised in a modern society that was constructed from hundreds of years of Patriarchy, its impossible for them to know any different.

    But don’t tell me as a feminist I don’t hate men, today had to fight with men just to get paid for a job I did with good faith, they would have paid another man on time, cos they would be scared he’s come and knock their blocks off, but oh no, its OK to not pay the ‘little women’. NO ITS NOT OK, sexism is happening all the time, so YES I hate men. Because they continue to subtly degrade me at every opportunity.


    • grrrlriot says:

      I know that we are all different feminists with different beliefs about feminism. Some of us agree with a certain type of feminism more than other types. That’s what brings us together and sparks discussions. I’m not the authority on feminism. I don’t hate men because there are actually some men out their that want equality and aren’t sexist at all. Just because I don’t hate men and you doesn’t make us right or wrong. This article was just MY opinion. I know not everyone will agree with me and that’s fine.


  2. […] A further detailed forum on how to get involved and engage in the feminist culture can be found at RIOT GRRRL ONLINE. […]


  3. Wendy Brunell says:

    Number 12 maybe should be #1!


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