The Word “Feminism” In Many Languages

If the translations below are incorrect, reply to this post with the language and the correct translation. If you have a translation in a language that isn’t listed below, feel free to share it with me.

Arabic: فمينيزم, النسوية
Chinese (Simplified): 女性主义
Chinese (Traditional): 女性主義
Czech: feminismus
Danish: feminisme
Dutch: feminisme
English: feminism
Estonian: feminism
Finnish: feminismi
French: féminisme
German: der Feminismus
Greek: φεμινισμός
Hungarian: feminizmus
Icelandic: femínismi; kvenfrelsisstefna
Indonesian: feminisme
Italian: femminismo
Japanese: 男女同権主義
Korean: 남녀 동권주의
Latvian: feminisms
Lithuanian: feminizmas
Norwegian: kvinne(saks)bevegelse, feminisme
Polish: feminizm
Portuguese (Brazil): feminismo
Portuguese (Portugal): feminismo
Romanian: feminism
Russian: феминизм
Slovak: feminizmus
Slovenian: feminizem
Spanish: feminismo
Swedish: feminism
Turkish: feminizm, kadın hakları savunuculuğu


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