What Is A Zine?

A zine (also called a fanzine or can be called a magazine) is a small circulation publication of texts and images. A zine is a self-published work usually reproduced by a photocopier. Zines are written in various formats such as: computer-printed text to comics to handwritten text. Print seems to be the most popular format of a zine, usually photo-copied with a small circulation. Zines cover a variety of topics such as: art/design, fanfiction, politics, ephemera, social theory, personal journals, single topic obesession, or sexual content far enough outside of the mainstream to be discussed in traditional media. Small circulation zines are usually not copyrighted and most zine creators feel that the material inside the zine should be freely distributed. In recent years, quite a few photocopied zines have become popular and are now distributed in bookstores and through online distribution.
In the early 1990’s, the riot grrrl movement encouraged zines of a raw and explicit nature. Males were the majority of zinesters up until the early 1990’s. Thomas Paine published a popular pamphlet called “Common Sense” that led to a zine revolution. Paine is considered to be one of the early independent publishers and a zinester, but the mass media did not exist at the time of his popularity. In the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin started a literary magazine psychiatric patients at a hospital in Pennsylvania, the patients and staff of the hospital distributed it. This can be considered the first zine ever because it does capture the essence of the philosophy and meaning of zines. ZineWiki is a wiki website dedicated to the history of zines and lists every zine in the world. People who make zines are often called “zinesters”.

Here is a list of some feminist/riot grrrl zines (feel free to add yours to the list):

-riot grrrl
-Girl Germs
-Bikini Kill
-Action Girl Guide
-The Absinthe Faery
-My Super Secret
-Fallopian Falafel
-Flapper Gathering
-Grrrl Zine Network
-Grrrl Zines A Go-Go
-I Heart Amy Carter
-Kindergarden moshpit
-Kitten Kore
-Licking Stars Off Ceilings
-Not Sorry
-No Apologies
-Riot Grrrl Review
-Riot Grrrl Press
-Riot Grrrl DC
-She’s so very…
-That Girl
-The World’s A Mess And Yr My Only Cure
-Varlas passed out again

What Is A Zine Distro?

Distros (or zine distros) are zine distributors. Distros are often run by one person, but can be run by a group of people. Distros sell zines by mail order and/or online. Distros let you find a bunch of zines all in one place, maybe all on a specific topic. Distros sometimes fill orders more quickly than ordering directly from a zinester. Some zinesters prefer selling their zines through distros because they want to protect their identity or don’t want to release their mailing address. Distros are a good way to get your zine out to more people, especially since most bookstores don’t sell zines.

What Is An Ezine?

An ezine (electronic magazine, ejournal, or e-zine) is a zine that is published entirely online. An ezine has the same definition of a zine, except for the fact that it is based entirely online on the internet. An ezine can be a website that has lots of different sections and has a wide variety of information on it. However, an ezine can also be a website that is written like a zine, except that the whole zine is online. The ezine usually has different issues like Issue #1, Issue #2, etc. and has an archive of past ezines.

How To Create An Ezine

1.) Think of a title for your ezine. After thinking of a title for your ezine, Create a flashy cover for the main page of your ezine. You can use Photoshop to do this or similar photo-editing software.

2.) Think of a subject for your ezine. After thinking of a subject you want your ezine to be about, Write a few articles for your ezine. A good place to start is by explaining the subject of your ezine like the history or background of your subject, no matter who or what it is about.

3.) After writing some articles and creating the cover of the ezine, you can now add pictures, videos, polls, and more to your ezine. You can also engage others to help create content, so your not the only one doing all the work for the ezine.

4.) OpenZine is a social media website that allows you to make your own magazine. If you would rather use OpenZine to help you instead of making your own website for your ezine, you can do so. It’s up to you.


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