How I Got Into Riot Grrrl

How I Got Into Riot Grrrl By: Greta

I became interested in riot grrrl and feminism in 1998, I was 15 years old at the time. It all started when I found out through the internet about feminism and riot grrrl. I also heard a little bit on MTV back then about the movement. (I used to watch MTV, but not anymore.) I also heard about it by doing some research on the band “Hole”. I had already started listening to Hole and Nirvana, since 1994, through MTV. I done some research on Nirvana as well. I started hearing about Bikini Kill and Kathleen Hanna. I also started hearing about Tobi Vail and her past relationship with Kurt Cobain. I began listening to Bikini Kill and I liked their sound. The first Bikini Kill song I heard was “Rebel Girl”. I found out through the internet that Bikini Kill was a punk and riot grrrl band. I started going to a bunch of riot grrrl/feminist websites. I wanted to find more riot grrrl bands to listen to and find out more about the riot grrrl movement that I kept reading about on websites. I found out riot grrrl was an underground punk feminist movement. That’s when I found out about Bratmobile and other Kill Rock Stars records musical artists. I found some riot grrrl websites like “Grrrl Love Is Good Love”, “The X-Womyn Collective”, and “Revolution Whores”, etc. and feminist websites like However, Most of those riot grrrl websites are not around anymore, but some of them can be found on


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