10 Things Men Can Do To End Sexism And Male Violence Against Women

10 Things Men Can Do To End Sexism And Male Violence Against Women

1.) Read about yourself. Read articles, essays, books about masculinity, gender inequality, and the root causes of sexual violence. Educate yourself and others about the connections between larger social forces and the conflicts between individual women and men.

2.) Understand how your own attitudes and actions perpetuate sexism and violence, and work toward changing them. Examples of typical sexist/abusive behavior: Pressuring a woman to have sex (includes Rape, Date Rape).
-Taunting or whistling at women, following women around, embarassing women in public (Sexual Harassment).
-Controlling women by using threatening gestures, by outshouting women, blocking doorways, driving recklessly (Intimidation).
-Verbally assaulting women by name calling, swearing, mocking, ridiculing, criticizing, accusing, trivializing (Psychological Abuse).

3.) Confront sexist, racist, homophobic, and all other bigoted remarks or jokes. Boycott comedians such as Andrew Dice Clay who verbally assault women in their acts. Boo in comedy clubs when male comedians tell sexist jokes.

4.) Recognize homophobia and speak out against gay-bashing. Discrimination against lesbians and gays is a key way in which we’re all confined in restrictive gender roles.

5.) Don’t fund sexism. Don’t purchase any magazine, rent any video or buy any piece of music that portrays women in a sexually degrading or violent manner. Protest sexism in the media.

6.) Support candidates for political office who are committed to the full social, economic, and political equality of women. Actively oppose candidates who are not.

7.) Support and fight for increased state and federal funding for battered women’s shelters and rape crisis centers. Volunteer where men are needed in public schools, youth outreach centers, and political lobby groups.

8.) Support or propose curriculum changes, at every level of the educational system, which mandate courses and programs dealing with sexism and sexual violence. Urge coaches of boys’ and mens’ athletic teams to require their players to attend workshops and seminars on sexism and male violence against women.

9.) Organize or join a group of men, in school, at your workplace, or among friends, to work against sexism and violence.

10.) Support feminists. Commit yourself to ending oppression in all its forms.


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