How To Make A Website

How To Make An Activism, Feminism, Or Riot Grrrl Website (An actual site, not a blog or anything else) By: Greta

1.) Find your passion: activism, feminism, or riot grrrl. You might be interested in all three, but if possible, decide on which type of website you want to make. Decide on where you want your website at, I recommend starting on free web page websites such as angelfire, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Blogspot, etc. HTML is important in creating a website. If you don’t know HTML, don’t worry, most of these free web page services have tutorials or they will help you out. A useful HTML tutorial can be found on this site as well.
(As you probably already know, I’m Greta and I run this website…RGO…also known as Riot Grrrl Online. This website has been hosted a few times and that’s how it wound up on and until those domains died. This is why it is on this website now. These are my own personal how-to tips for making a website. Feel free to use them to start your own website. My website started out on angelfire and that website still exists, so I would recommend angelfire, but any free web page service will do.)

2.) Know what content your going to put up on your website, such as: how many pages, what kind of pages, information on the pages, etc. Create pages on your website. Make your website interesting and keep others interested. Add things to your website and keep your website updated. Some things you can add could be things like: a chat, a guestbook, etc. something interactive is a good thing. Interact with your visitors. Try to keep in touch with some of them, if you can. Not sure what kind of pages to add to your website? Think of what your website is about. I’m sure you can make a “Links” page to link to other pages that are about the same thing. An “about” page would be interesting to let others know why you created the website and what the website is all about. Also, A page about your passion (activism, feminism, or riot grrrl) is a good idea. Some information on your passion would be good for your passion page. An email or contact link would be a good idea, so people can email you with suggestions for your website. Ideas might come to you later on, after the website has been up a while. Others might email you with suggestions on things to add to your website.
(You probably don’t know this, but this website gets alot of views a day. I try to keep the website interesting by adding new pages, updating the website often, and adding other stuff to the website. This seems to keep people interested in RGO. Interactive tools, like guestbooks, chat rooms, etc. let people interact with others. Communication is important and interactive tools can help.)

3.) Link your website to others. Find similar websites to link to. Try to find others who are into feminism by joining a few social networking websites such as: care2, facebook, myspace, takingitglobal, twitter, etc. You can also post a link to your website on those websites and on forums your a member of. It wouldn’t hurt to submit your website to search engines as well.
(For example if your website is about feminism, you should link to other feminism websites.)

4.) Post a link to your website around the web. Find websites that you can post up your link to such as: similar websites with a focus like yours, post on forums your a member of, emailing a similar website owner to link to you, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, post a myspace bulletin about your website, etc. I’m sure you can think of your own ideas. Do not spam others or the websites similar to yours in the process, just make sure those websites allow you to post your link. If they don’t allow you to post up your link, then don’t because it is considered spam if you do.
(I find that posting on forums: sometimes in posts…depending on the forum, adding the link to a forum signature, adding the link as my “website” link on a forum, posting a link on social networks I’m a member of, posting a myspace bulletin, searching for similar websites and emailing the owner of the website asking if they could link to my website…as long as on their links page they say to “email you their links”, which are the ones I email, then it is totally okay to ask them to link to your website.)


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