Feminism FAQ

If you want to ask a question about Feminism, feel free to email me or go to the “Contact Me” page and fill out the form. I will add your questions to this FAQ and I will post my answers.

Feminism FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What is feminism?

Answer: Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights and equality of the sexes.

Question 2: Does feminism matter?

Answer: Yes, feminism does matter. Equality is important. Society deals with gender in a way that harms women.

Question 3: Can men be feminists?

Answer: Yes, men can be feminists. Many men are comfortable calling themselves feminists and many feminist women are happy to accept them as fellow feminists. However, there are some men (and women) that are not comfortable with men calling themselves feminists. They support feminism but do not consider themselves as feminists. Since they support feminism, they call themselves “pro-feminists”.

Question 4: Do feminists hate men?

Answer: No, feminists do not hate men.

Question 5: Are all feminists lesbians?

Answer: No, all feminists are not lesbians.

Question 6: Are there different types of feminism?

Answer: Yes, there are different types of feminism because not all feminists believe in the same things that other feminists believe in.

Question 7: What do feminists want?

Answer: Feminists want to be equal to men. Feminists advocate for women’s rights. Women’s issues are important to feminists.

Question 8: Do feminists shave?

Answer: Yes, most feminists shave. There are some that do not shave. It is the choice of the feminist if she chooses to shave or not.

Question 9: Are feminists pro-choice or pro-life?

Answer: Most feminists are pro-choice, but there are some feminists that are pro-life. It is the choice of the feminist if she is pro-choice or pro-life.

Question 10: Are there different waves of feminism?

Answer: Yes, there are 3 waves of feminism. The first and second waves existed in the past.

Question 11: Is feminism just for white women?

Answer: No, feminism is for everyone, male or female. There are many different types of feminism that relate to certain races.

Question 12: What do feminists think of porn?

Answer: Most feminists are against porn, however, there are some that support porn.


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