How To Organize A Ladyfest

What is a Ladyfest?

Ladyfest is a community-based/not-for profit global music and arts festival for female artists. Ladyfests feature bands, musical groups, performance artists, authors, spoken word, and visual artists. Ladyfests include: films, lectures, art exhibitions, and workshops. Ladyfests are organized by volunteers. Ladyfests take place all over the world. The first ever Ladyfest took place in Olympia, Washington in the United States. The festival had over 2000 people attending and it took place in the year 2000. People involved in the event were: Sarah Dougher, Sleater-Kinney, Teresa Carmody, Bratmobile, The Gossip, Bangs, The Rondelles, and The Need. Ever since the first Ladyfest was held, it has become a phenomenon all over the world. Most of the Ladyfest proceeds go to non-profit organizations. Ladyfests celebrate the creativity of women. They provide support and access to new, established, or experimental female artists.

How To Organize A Ladyfest In Your Area By: Greta (If you have any corrections or things to add to this, let me know.)

1.) Make the decision to start a Ladyfest and make sure you have the time to do it. You need to decide if you want to organize the Ladyfest by yourself or if you want some of your friends to also help you organize the Ladyfest. Make sure that your friends and/or yourself have the time to organize a Ladyfest. Make a name for your Ladyfest. It should be your location or state. For example if you live in New York, it can be called “Ladyfest New York”, but if you want it to be a specific town like New York City, you can call it “Ladyfest New York City”.

2.) Time to plan out where the Ladyfest will be held, the month, day(s), and time it will be held. Make sure that your friends and/or yourself are good at planning things. Ladyfests involve planning a lot of different events and also include planning the month, day, time, and location that the Ladyfest will be held. As far as a location, if you are interested in a particular location, ask the person who owns/runs the location if you can have your Ladyfest there and explain to them what the Ladyfest is, in case they are not clued in to what a Ladyfest is. Your friends and/or yourself need to decide how many days the Ladyfest will last.

3.) Decide what events you want at the Ladyfest. You need to decide what events you want at your Ladyfest. Some ideas are: musicians, bands, performance artists, visual artists, spoken word, authors, films, workshops, lectures, art exhibitions, etc. Workshops can be about anything you can think of or can be educational such as: crafts, zines, diy stuff, how to fight off an attacker, etc.

4.) Get in touch with possible participants in the Ladyfest or with people who have held Ladyfests before. Unless you know people outside of the internet that are into any of those events such as: musicians, artists, etc., it is best to get on some social networking websites and try to find people that you might be interested in being in the Ladyfest such as musicians, etc. You can always message them or email them to explain the Ladyfest and that you would like them to be participants in it. If your friends are helping you organize the Ladyfest, they can also get in touch with people they want involved in the Ladyfest. After you get in touch with participants, your friends and/or yourself can schedule to meet up with or talk on the phone to the participants and plan the Ladyfest.

5.) Start making sections of the location for: bands, artists, workshops, etc. This means don’t let the bands play on stage at a certain area that the craft workshop is going to be held at. Make sure you know what will be located where.

6.) Decorate the location if the owner allows you to do so with your Ladyfest. Something that is woman-friendly and feministy is good. Decorating is not a must. It is up to you if you want the location decorated.

7.) Make flyers to handout to people in your area and/or advertise your Ladyfest online. Be sure that the month, day(s), time, and location is printed on the flyers. As far as online, advertise on social networks, forums, websites, etc. that you are on. Once again, be sure that the month, day(s), time, and location are posted.

8.) Make sure the participants in your Ladyfest know what area they are going to be at the location. This is part of planning the Ladyfest.

9.) Have fun at the Ladyfest! Make sure the participants and guests enjoy themselves. THEY are more important than yourself.


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