How To Make Stickers On Your Computer

So you want to make stickers on your computer? Well, it’s not that hard! Here’s how to do it!

What you’ll need:
Sticker paper
A good color ink jet printer

You can use any kind of sticker paper, but we highly suggest Avery Laser Labels. They come in a lot of different sizes, but you’ll probably want to buy the 8 1/2 x 11 sized ones, then you can make any sized sticker(s) and just cut them out later. Avery labels are really cool too because they are removable, so if you decide you don’t like where you put the sticker, you can just remove it and put it somewhere else.

Creating the graphics

You can do this many ways. We suggest using MSPaint, since it’s the easiest to work with. You can either design your own graphics, either by drawing them in MSPaint, or drawing them on paper and then scanning them in. You may want to screw around with the Page Setup and widen the margins as close to 0 as possible, that way you can fit more graphics on a page. After you have all your graphics laid out, you will want to go to Print Preview and see if any of the edges will be cut off when you print. If some of your graphics will be cut off, move them away from the margins until they will be printed completely.

Printing the image

Printing is really easy. All you have to do is load one sheet of sticker paper into your printer with the printed side in correctly. Then print the graphics out. You may want to set your dpi to normal so you don’t use up all your ink, but keep in mind the stickers won’t look as good since you are printing at a lower dpi. After you’ve printed them out, all you have to do it cut them into stickers. You may want to use a ruler so the edges are straight, it all depends on how anal you are. heheh.

Caring for your stickers

Please remember that these stickers aren’t the swanky vinyl ones. You don’t want to put them on your car or anywhere they will get wet. The sticker paper is made out of paper, so they are prone to melt off if you put them on your car. One way of prolonging the life of your stickers is to go and buy self-laminating sheets. They are full page sized sheets of clear plastic with a sticky side to them. Lay your sticker on the back of the laminating sheet where the lines are, trace your sticker, but leave some extra room around the edges so the sticker will fit in the middle of the laminating sheet and it will still stick. We wouldn’t suggest putting these on the outside of your car either, you can put the laminating sheet on the back of the sticker and put it on the inside of your car, but beware, the sun bleachs out the ink.


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