Myths About Riot Grrrl

Check out the 10 Myths Of Riot Grrrl that Everett True debunks.

Here are some myths about Riot Grrrl.

Riot Grrrl only existed in the 1990’s and no longer exists today.
Riot Grrrl did exist in the 1990’s and still exists today. Riot Grrrl is about empowerment. Today, There are still Riot Grrrl Chapters all over the world.

Riot Grrrl isn’t necessary.
Riot Grrrl is necessary because we still need equality and women’s rights.

Riot Grrrls hate men.
I am sure there are some riot grrrls out there that do hate men but that’s not a true riot grrrl. True riot grrrls don’t man-hate. Man-hating isn’t tolerated.

Riot Grrrls are all lesbians.
Riot Grrrls are: lesbian, gay, straight, bi, transgendered, etc. We all come from different sexual orientations. Sexual orientation shouldn’t define if someone is a riot grrrl or not.

Courtney Love is a riot grrrl.
Courtney never defined herself as a riot grrrl and actually hated the movement. However, she has been an influence on some riot grrrls.

Riot Grrrl is for women only.
Riot Grrrls can be men or women. Riot Grrrl is for everyone. However, some of the men prefer being called “riot boys” and not “riot grrrls”.


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